Friday, 4 July 2014


Hello lovelies! Hope you are all feeling fabulous! Today I wanted to talk about my favorite foundation of all time! It's Estee Lauder's Double Wear and this stuff is amazing if you want good coverage and long lasting wear!

Most days I prefer to wear powders or my favorite BB Cream from Stila which I reviewed not long ago but sometimes I want more coverage and something that's going to go the distance! This stuff is my "go to" for that and has been for a few years. It's a definite staple in my foundation collection!

So let's take a closer look!

(my shade: 3N2 Wheat) lets start with the packaging. As you can see above the frosted bottle and gold top are pretty simple but somewhat luxurious looking without being too over the top. The box is the signature Estee Lauder navy blue with gold print.

So before we get onto all the good stuff I thought I'd mention a few things that kind of annoy me about this foundation. As you can see from the picture above...there is no pump! It really does make it difficult and quite messy to get the right amount every time you use it. I always pour way too much out and end up wasting it which drives me crazy! Especially when your using a more pricey product! I think for the cost of this foundation...they should definitely add some sort of pump feature.

Now onto the actual foundation itself. As mentioned above...if your looking for a base that has medium to full coverage, is long lasting and looks great on...then this might be something you may want to try. As you probably noticed in the picture above my shade looks a tad dark...and it is! I always get a shade slightly darker than my face skin tone because the skin on my face is always lighter (I never tan my face) than the rest of my body.

So let's talk application. I usually apply this foundation with my fingertips...gently massaging it into my skin. I don't use that much...about a dime sized amount seems to give me the coverage I need. I do want to mention that a little goes a long way with this one! I use my fingertips when applying because I feel like I have better control over the amount being applied to my face and I also find the warmth of my hands/fingertips helps the foundation "meld" with the skin better for a more natural "skin like" effect.

Another possibly negative aspect of this product is that it can be slightly challenging to blend as it dries somewhat quickly. It kind of reminds me of the Revlon Color Stay Foundation for drying time. So you need to work fast otherwise you may end up with blotchy patches...not good!

Also I find that this foundation has a tendency to look "cake-y" if applied with a heavy hand. So overall application is not the easiest. You really have to be careful and pay close attention when applying to achieve a nice look...which can definitively be a pain..especially if you're in a hurry. onto the good stuff! The consistency of this foundation is slightly's not thick or creamy at all. So it doesn't feel heavy or uncomfortable on the skin. It also covers like a gives great even flawless coverage and hides imperfections quite well. It minimizes my pores and covers the redness I have around my nose and creates the perfect canvas for the rest of my make up. It has a slight "perfume-y" scent which fades within a few minutes after applying.

I'm also a big fan of the fact that it lasts so long! For me it goes morning till night without oxidizing or separating and I have really oily skin. I also live in a very hot/humid area (during the summer) and I find this foundation performs really well in those conditions.

Another thing I want to mention is that I haven't had any problems with breakouts with this product. I've been using it off and on for a few years now and my skin doesn't react to it...which is rare especially with a liquid product. I usually have to stop using liquid foundations and switch back to powders because my skin gets congested so easily...but not with this.

Overall I love the long wear and finish of this product. For me it works wonderfully on my oily skin and in hot humid weather and doesn't break me out. I wish it applied a bit easier and had a pump...but I can get over those things because of the way this foundations performs. Love it!

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  1. This sounds like a product I need to try out. I am in need of a good foundation that stays put. Great review. :)

    1. Thank you so much Kristen! Yes...this stuff doesn't budge! lol :)

  2. It looks great! I want to try this out too. Nice review. :)