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TARTE COSMETICS ~ Review & Swatches

Hello everyone! Hope you're well! I have a review for you today on some Tarte Cosmetics that I picked up the other day and have been obsessed with ever since! This is (believe it or not) my first time using anything from Tarte. Why? I have no idea! The products are so lovely I can't believe it took me this long to try something! 

Tarte Cosmetics is a brand that focuses on keeping allot of those nasty chemicals out of their products. They are paraben, mineral oil, phthalate, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate & gluten free as well as cruelty free & vegan friendly! Now that I'm on a mission to use cleaner & greener products this line is a perfect fit!

So let's take a closer look!

Tarte offers a wide range of skincare & make up products that are infused with healthy skin invigorating ingredients like vitamins, minerals, essential oils and antioxidants that are derived from superfruits and botanicals. They are also formulated without the use of harsh chemicals, they don't test on animals and from what I can tell most of the products offered are vegan friendly. 

The products come in beautiful quality packaging that looks chic and feels a little luxe. The price point is decent as tend to get a fair amount of product for your money which is nice.

I have become completely obsessed with Tarte palettes. You get so many fun things to play with! Beautifully coordinated shadows, flattering cheek color, natural looking bronzer, gorgeous highlight...almost everything you need to create a look. So great for travel!


This palette is amazing! The packaging is really nice and feels very substantial. The colors are soft & pretty and perfect for everyday wear. The powders are formulated with Amazonian clay and are long wearing. This palette contains 6 eye shadows/liner, 1 blush, 1 bronzer and a highlight. 

The eye shadows in this palette have a smooth buttery feel, good pigmentation and they blend easily. From my experience they don't seem to fade or crease throughout the day. The colors are build-able as well so you can either go for a soft daytime look or for something with a bit more drama. 

SHADOWS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Showstopper Copper (bronze copper), Go For The Gold (gold), You're A Natural (nude/matte), Steel The Scene (steel taupe), Rose To The Top (rose gold) & Dim The Lights (black brown/matte)

AMAZONIAN CLAY BLUSH IN "FAME": The Amazonian clay blush in the center of the palette is a very flattering warm peach color. It brightens up the face and gives you a healthy looking flush of color. This blush has great pigmentation, blends easily and lasts all day. 

AMAZONIAN CLAY MATTE WATERPROOF BRONZER IN "PARK AVENUE PRINCESS": This is a very natural looking bronzer that warms up the face and adds a sun kissed glow without any shimmer. It has a velvety texture and blends beautifully into the skin. The pigmentation is great and it doesn't look orange or streaky/dirty on the skin.

AMAZONIAN CLAY HIGHLIGHTER IN "CHAMPAGNE PINK": This is such a pretty highlighter. It's quite pigmented...a little goes a long way! It has a nice smooth texture (no glitter or chunky shimmers) and it adds the perfect amount of luminosity to your looks whether you wear it as a highlighter on the high points of your face or as an eye shadow or inner corner brightener.

BOTTOM SHADOW SWATCHES FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Showstopper Copper (bronze copper), Go For The Gold (gold), You're A Natural (nude/matte), Steel The Scene (steel taupe), Rose To The Top (rose gold) & Dim The Lights (black brown/matte)

TOP SWATCHES: LEFT: Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer In "Park Avenue Princess" & RIGHT: Amazonian Clay Blush In "Fame"

LARGE SWATCH ON THE RIGHT: Amazonian Clay Highlighter In "Champagne Pink"


This palette is lovely. The packaging is very attractive and sturdy. The colors have a purple-y/taupe vibe that look great either worn softly for daytime or layered up and smoked out for a sultry evening look. This palette contains 8 eye shadows/liner, a blush and a highlight. 

There are 6 matte shadows in this palette (the darker shades can double as liners) and 2 shimmer/satin shades.
The pigmentation of these shadows over all were good...but there were a few of the mattes that felt a bit chalky and were a little patchy when applied. (you will see that in the swatches below)

EYE SHADOWS TOP ROW: Full Moon (matte beige), Charged Up (silvery taupe), Dark Drive (matte dark chocolate)
MIDDLE ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Stone Unturned (matte taupe), Up Too Slate (smokey plum), Misty Mauve (matte mauve)
BOTTOM ROW: Power Plum (matte dark plum) & Lunar Eclipse (matte black)

AMAZONIAN CLAY BLUSH IN "UNEARTHED": This is a beautiful pink-y/nude shade that looks very natural on the skin. It isn't the most pigmented blush I've ever used but it does add a soft wash of really natural looking color. It blends nicely, goes on smoothly and it doesn't seem to fade much throughout the day. Even though it's not highly pigmented it is build-able.

HIGHLIGHTER IN "CRYSTAL SPARK": This highlighter is a champagne shade and is quite "frosty". Because of that I tend to use it more as an inner corner highlight or eye shadow instead of a highlighter for the face. It's quite pigmented and doesn't have any chunky glitter or sparkle it's just very frosty/shimmery but very pretty!

BOTTOM EYE SHADOW SWATCHES LEFT TO RIGHT: Full Moon (matte beige), Charged Up (silvery taupe), Dark Drive (matte dark chocolate), Stone Unturned (matte taupe), Up Too Slate (smokey plum), Misty Mauve (matte mauve), Power Plum (matte dark plum) & Lunar Eclipse (matte black)

You can see that some of the darker matte shades went on a little patchy. They felt a touch dry and chalky but were still build-able and had a decent amount of pigmentation. All the other shades were creamy and smooth.

TOP SWATCHES LEFT: Amazonian Clay Blush In "Unearthed"
RIGHT: Highlighter In "Crystal Spark"


Last but not least...the blush & lip gloss. We'll start with the blush. It kind of looks similar to the one included in the Energy Noir palette but this one is more of a plummy/pink/nude as opposed to the pink/nude in the palette. Again it's not super pigmented but it does deliver a nice soft wash of natural looking color that is build-able and blend-able. It's long wearing and is perfect for those days that you want just a hint of color that won't compete with a dramatic eye or you just want a more neutral look overall.

Now for the gloss. The smell of this is so smells of vanilla cupcakes! The color is pretty sheer and has fine gold shimmer in it. I would describe it as a soft sheer nude with a golden sheen. The only down side of this gloss is that it is quite sticky but I will say that the stickiness (although annoying) really makes this gloss stay put.


You can see in this swatch picture above that the blush is pretty soft when it comes to pigmentation but like I said earlier it can be built up for more color. The gloss has a nice high shine finish and a lovely golden nude tone.

Overall I'm so glad I finally tried a few things from this brand! I could very easily become a Tarte addict! Everything I've tried so far has been very nice quality for the price and really easy to work with. The colors are wearable and easy to use and the palettes are fabulous and so great for travel. I also love that this brand strives to make cleaner and greener products that don't contain all those scary chemicals. Really great!

Whew! This was a long one! I hope you enjoyed & thanks for reading!


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